Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hello and welcome to my blog ,

Here for me is a place for expression and an outlet for the emotions life hurls at me.
This is a place for my writing , poems whatever you want to call them.

I have had some challenges in my 27 years, some of which have ended in tears and some with happy joy.
Usually at the most inconvenient of times i am inspired to create something to explain my feelings.
As a teenager i used to write in a book and eventually that phased out, there where more interesting things in life to discover.

My inspiration returned with age and i now wish to share my writing, i also hope by sharing i can understand more myself and maybe release some of the emotion i have stored over the years.

I hope my readers enjoy and take something from this blog, inspiration, understanding or just the fact that someone out there understands their feelings too.

I have written something about where each poem/writing came from in my life, a little background story if you like. To read them please go to Lifes Emotions where you will find my work and its story.

Please do comment and let me know what you think.

My latest

A sisters bond

Help me pick up this fallen angel 

To show her that she's strong 
So many times her shoulder has been
The place my tears have gone
Her pain is deep
and i know it too well

She's seen me through my darkest days

And never failed me 
Patience and understanding,
No judgement and her time 
I'm blessed to say she is a friend of mine 

But now her days have darkened

Sleepless nights and a heart that's broken
Confusion and lonliness can knock you to your knees
So please 

Help me lift her up

with ears that listed well
With a hug so strong for a moment 
She'll forget she even fell
Help me to show her she's not alone
That days can be bright again

Help me be the friend she's been 

Time and time again.

written by M Harrington 15/4/13