Life's Emotions

This was inspired by a sad and unfortunate position i found myself in.
I witnessed an event that had huge implications on a person i cared about, my loyalty being of utmost importance i knew i had to tell.
The same thing had happened to me and when"so called " friends stood by and watched me commit to something that, for me meant forever. Not one person had the courage to stand up and tell me the truth.
So with my unwanted knowledge i this time i had to tell the truth. 
The event ignited what i would say is a sisterly bond so i name this ,

A sisters bond

Help me pick up this fallen angel 

To show her that she's strong 
So many times her shoulder has been
The place my tears have gone
Her pain is deep
and i know it too well

She's seen me through my darkest days

And never failed me 
Patience and understanding,
No judgement and her time 
I'm blessed to say she is a friend of mine 

But now her days have darkened

Sleepless nights and a heart that's broken
Confusion and lonliness can knock you to your knees
So please 

Help me lift her up

with ears that listed well
With a hug so strong for a moment 
She'll forget she even fell
Help me to show her she's not alone
That days can be bright again

Help me be the friend she's been 

Time and time again.

My interpretation of what a lie evolves into and creates

Power of a lie 

The depth of a lie is far beyond the reaches of the creators mind

Destroying what love creates
It warps and plays with logical thinking 
Dredging up the base of friendships and leaving empty space
Its not just a child's "porky pie"

Learning to lie is a skill in itself 

And not a skill i wish to acquire
Knowing that skill exists in one mind 
Is a powerful incentive to confuse and blind 

The core is built on selfish gain 

once said a lie will forever remain
deep in the heart of the receivers soul 
and all it leaves is a gaping hole 

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